“JC Automation Corp. has been certified as a Critical Industry Supplier by the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury and the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico(DDEC). Qualified purchasers of products and services from JCA maybe eligible to claim certain credits against the excise tax exposed by Act No. 154 of 2010” 

Puerto Rico, USA  787-719-7315

New Jersey, USA   609-798-4672

California, USA      650-209-4946



Our Automation/Control Systems Integration focus areas:
World-class brands, deep category expertise, broad industry experience, and uniquely positioned to deliver solutions to the ever-changing industrial manufacturing environment.
Our industrial services range from data visualization, reporting, process control, and analysis (PAT). We specialize in optimizing discrete manufacturing operations. Our technology and expertise make your equipment more efficient, reliable and available.
Qualification/Validation Lifecycle Support
Automation Management
Project Management
Systems Integration: Specification, Design, Development, Installation and Commissioning
Engineering Documentation: URS, FS, SDS, DT, FAT, SAT, SOP, Electrical/Control Drawings
System Development Lifecycle Support: Design, Development, Checkouts, Commissioning
Control Panel Engineering Design, Fabrication, Installation and Startup

Instrumentation Support

Your business depends on multiple systems to function.  Many are highly technical production related. Others directly inform your business operations. Each plays an essential role in your performance and profitability.  Automation enables you to synchronize shop floor and top floor systems with your business targets. 


We know what it takes to get a regulated product out the door. We can help you do that more efficiently – with automation solutions based on your unique systems and business goals.

Unleash the Power of Well-Informed Decision Making