“JC Automation Corp. has been certified as a Critical Industry Supplier by the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury and the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico(DDEC). Qualified purchasers of products and services from JCA maybe eligible to claim certain credits against the excise tax exposed by Act No. 154 of 2010” 
You run a seamless operation and you cannot afford downtime. Unleash the power of consistent productivity with JCA as your Management Service Provider (MSP). We offer IT managed services and service desk as well as Automation managed services. Our seasoned professionals have been cited for their great teamwork and going the extra mile for our customers. Let JCA  MSP provide a tech support framework to keep your tech systems – and your enterprise -- running uninterrupted. 

Management service provider

Puerto Rico, USA  787-719-7315

New Jersey, USA   609-798-4672

California, USA      650-209-4946



You have a reputation to uphold and a responsibility to your customers, and share-holders.  

Our validation and remediation team helps you to deliver consistently for your cus-tomers. By leveraging GMP, GAMP, Risk Based approach and well-established industry standards, JCA helps you to maintain your systems and manufacturing process under control and within your quality assurance budget. 
Knowledge is power, and technology holds the key to harnessing your business information (and thus your productivity).

JCA stays ahead of the technology curve -- so you don’t have to.  We track the latest trends, platforms,systems and industry standards. We determine how to best leverage technology opportunities for the FDA-regulated industries – and specifically, your company.  

Look to JCA for resources anywhere in the world to help you launch a new product, meet a critical deadline, open a new plant, or any other high-level business need.

We have a direct pipeline to top scientists, computer scientists, chemists, engineers, and project managers of various disciplines, including supply chain and life science manufacturing.

Your business demands constant improvement to stay competitive. JCA’s Automation team is here to help you find opportunities to maximize your processes and systems.

Automation unleashes the power of consistency -- leading to plant productivity and make your supply chain more effective. Let us help you implement or improve your