Goal: Improve quality and responsiveness of automation services while reducing the total cost of acquiring them.

24/7 On-Site Automation and/or Remote TechnicalSupport

 Legacy systems support services including Windows NT, Novell, Unix, VMS, Charon VAX and Crisp/32 support
Proactively monitor faults, assets, performance and security across their network, systems and application environments
Call Center Services including IT Help Desk, data capture, database updating, application processing, data entry, automation management
 Managing, Maintaining and monitoring mission-critical sites from a network operations center
 Remote Monitoring 24x7x365 and Life-Cycle Management 
JC Automation offers a convenient, cost-effective resource to manage your IT and/or Automation systems. You can outsource entire sites, operations or systems to our care. If desired, we can work in conjunction with your in-house staff.
Our flexible Management Service Provider (MSP) framework offers you the choice of on-site or remote service delivery. As your business needs evolve, JC Automation enables your IT and Automation systems and processes to evolve with it. 
Our services include centralized service desk, 24-hour coverage, quality assurance, knowledge management tools, and continuous improvement methodology (plan, do, check and act). All MSP performance is guaranteed and measured against Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) developed specifically for/with your company. 
IT Management Services:
You want to maximize the benefits of technology in your business.  You depend on multiple systems, networks, databases and applications, which are complex and evolving rapidly. Even with a specialized staff, managing all of this technology can be a frustrating – and expensive --challenge. 
Unleash the Power of Uninterrupted Productivity
Call Center
MSP Automation Services:

Puerto Rico, USA  787-719-7315

New Jersey, USA   609-798-4672

California, USA      650-209-4946


Spare Parts Administration
Change Management Control
Automated Alert, Backup and Version ControlSystems implementation
Intelligent, network-based technology that automatically collects a wide variety of hardware, software and configuration data about networked computers and generates PC "network-at-a-glance" reports and detailed PC asset reports


“JC Automation Corp. has been certified as a Critical Industry Supplier by the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury and the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico(DDEC). Qualified purchasers of products and services from JCA maybe eligible to claim certain credits against the excise tax exposed by Act No. 154 of 2010” 
Management Service Provider (MSP) 
Outsourcing of electrical and automation services to support and maintain manufacturing environment