“JC Automation Corp. has been certified as a Critical Industry Supplier by the Puerto Rico Department of Treasury and the Department of Economic Development and Commerce of Puerto Rico(DDEC). Qualified purchasers of products and services from JCA maybe eligible to claim certain credits against the excise tax exposed by Act No. 154 of 2010” 

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Product Transfer
Regulatory Compliance is such an important part of our customers’ business that JC Automation has created a dedicated Compliance Center of Excellence (CCoE). The CCoE allows our customers to enjoy cost-effective support from our world-class team. The CCoE provides a strong procedural framework based on industry best practices to support your key systems. We strive to make the management of technology simple while in compliance with applicable regulations and GAMP principles throughout the system’s life cycle.
We provide Regulatory Compliance implementation and support in:
Quality is achieving product integrity expectations -- consistently. Quality assurance is imperative for the regulated life sciences industry. All of your manufacturing units, processes, procedures, and documentation must be fully functioning and synchronized. That critical need plays to our core strength: the ability to align technology and quality for business success.
Regulatory Compliance



Process Validation
Quality Systems
Equipment Validation (C&Q)
Change Management

Computerized Systems Validation (CSV) including IT, Manufacturing Process Control, Utilities and Laboratory systems
​Unleash the Power of Product-Critical Quality Assurance