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Depending on your goals, our consulting services can focus on IT, Automation and/or Regulatory Compliance from the manufacturing shop floor (ISA 95 level 1) up to the MES level (ISA 95 level 3).  Once the system is implemented, dedicated JCA associates provide ongoing management and support through your choice of on-site or remote service desk team.
Technology is supposed to make your work easier.  It’s supposed to make your business more efficient. It’s essential to delivering a high quality product. JC Automation assures that it does. We’re here to align technology and quality for your business’ success. JC Automation combines life science subject expertise, technology savvy and a culture of “yes.”  We are consultants, designers, implementers and supporters. We are your business advocates, providing unbiased advice, always looking for ways to apply technology and process solutions to power your business forward.
JC Automation offers you expertise in five key areas:
We understand life sciences companies.
Our business is to unleash the power in yours.


To stay competitive, you must optimize your process, identify new platforms, update your technology infrastructure, adapt to new capabilities and have the knowledge resources to keep all these systems and processes running smoothly -- all while meeting regulatory compliance standards and product deadlines.